About Shrinathji

The deity (Swaroop) at the famous Vaishnav temple of Shri Nathadwara in Rajasthan (India) is known as SHRINATHJI. This Swaroop in reality is that of Lord Shri KRISHNA. SHRINATHJI represents child Krishna when He was seven years of age.

The present temple of SHRINATHJI at Shri Nathadwara was built in the year 1728. The swaroop of SHRINATHJI is four feet high and is black in color. The left hand is raised-inviting disciples to go to Him. Right hand fist rests on the waist. The swaroop has a square Pithika, containing nine objects: Two Cows, A Cobra, A Sheep, A Man (Muni), A Parrot, Two men (Munies), A Snake, A Lion and Two Peacocks.